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I noticed that funeral homes in Brooklyn and throughout the United States are depending more and more on funeral home service providers. That hook them on their accounting solutions and force them into big contracts by bundling services that the funeral homes are not particularly interested in with the accounting software (I was alerted to this by a funeral home in Brooklyn, name withheld). These unsuspecting, mostly old family businesses, and having absolutely no knowledge about internet marketing get duped into these low-level marketing services just to get the accounting solution they feel they must have.

A typical scenario would play out something like this: An old family owned funeral home with a website and a Facebook page. May have an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Expert helping them build their online exposure by working to rank them on the first page of the Google Search Engine and in the Google Maps Listings (The Three Pack or Snack Pack). Then one of these company’s (Name Excluded, but it rhymes with “Hunt Gunner”) rep sees that the funeral home is ranking so now they market to the funeral home telling them they have accounting software that can replace one or two employees and reduce their excess paperwork. Now the funeral home is interested; I mean firing one or two employees can easily pay for this, so everything sounds pretty good so far.

Then the funeral home marketing agency, with will remain unnamed, hits them with the fact that the accounting software is bundled up with their full company package where they will be taking over everything for them online, even their SEO services. Now mine you the agency rep is telling the funeral home that they will be duplicating the results of the SEO who is presently working on their online placement. And did I fail to mention that they’re applying this tactic to other funeral homes in the same city!?!  No conflict of interest there I guess they’ll just be ranking 10 to 30 funeral homes on the first page of Google, even though there are only maybe 6 or 7 viable spots on the first page. And folks this is being done in cities all over the country, not just funeral homes in Brooklyn, NY.

I mean image all these unsuspecting funeral homes not knowing where they’re going to rank in the Google search results and one company with the exclusive control over who places where is being paid the full agency rate from all of them….Now that’s power and sheer marketing genius. Now don’t get me wrong it is not suitable for the funeral homes involved in such a scenario. But it won’t be first, or the last time you’ll be seeing this in the world of cut throat business where marketing managers are forced to come up with unethical means to increase the companies bottom line.

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